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We don’t create surprising charges on your renewal of your domains or include hidden charges on purchase. We strive to keep prices low for the years come.

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All identifiable personal information in domain WHOIS are redacted for free forever for all applicable domain extensions.

E-mail Forwarding

We provide free Email Forwarding service that allows you to create personalized email addresses for a domain and forward emails to other email addresses of your choice.

DNS Management

Whether you host your website on us or not, we provide your domains a DNS management that is powered with our Anycast DNS servers that are fast and resilient.

Change Nameservers

We give you freedom to point your domain to a different DNS management provider or server to handle your DNS Records.

Custom Glue Records

Set up your own custom name servers to associate with your domains to host your own authoritative servers.

Change WHOIS Data

Easily add and modify WHOIS data to create ownership and identify for your domain.

Registrar Lock

Lock your domain to prevent it from being transferred away without your authorization.

Generic Domains Prices

TLDRegistrationRenewalTransferWhois PrivacyE-mail ForwardingOrder
.com$15.75$15.75$15.75FreeFreeBuy Now
.net$20.5$20.5$20.5FreeFreeBuy Now
.org$18.75$18.75$18.75FreeFreeBuy Now
.biz$24$24$24FreeFreeBuy Now
.co$36.5$36.5$36.5FreeFreeBuy Now
.me$27.75$27.75$27.75FreeFreeBuy Now
.blog$37$37$37FreeFreeBuy Now
.cc$17.75$17.75$17.75FreeFreeBuy Now
.club$18.75$18.75$18.75FreeFreeBuy Now
.host$107$107$107FreeFreeBuy Now
.icu$13$13$13FreeFreeBuy Now
.info$23.5$23.5$23.5FreeFreeBuy Now
.io$66.25$66.25$66.25FreeFreeBuy Now
.live$30.75$30.75$30.75FreeFreeBuy Now
.online$42.75$42.75$42.75FreeFreeBuy Now
.rocks$17.75$17.75$17.75FreeFreeBuy Now
.shop$42.75$42.75$42.75FreeFreeBuy Now
.site$38.25$38.25$38.25FreeFreeBuy Now
.social$38.25$38.25$38.25FreeFreeBuy Now
.software$38.25$38.25$38.25FreeFreeBuy Now
.store$67.75$67.75$67.75FreeFreeBuy Now
.tech$62$62$62FreeFreeBuy Now
.top$10$10$10FreeFreeBuy Now
.tv$42.75$42.75$42.75FreeFreeBuy Now
.website$29.25$29.25$29.25FreeFreeBuy Now
.xyz$16.25$16.25$16.25FreeFreeBuy Now
.in$12.5$12.5$12.5FreeFreeBuy Now
.pro$24$24$24FreeFreeBuy Now
.at$20.5$20.5$20.5FreeFreeBuy Now
.app$23.5$23.5$23.5FreeFreeBuy Now
.asia$20.5$20.5$20.5FreeFreeBuy Now
.news$30.75$30.75$30.75FreeFreeBuy Now
.space$29.25$29.25$29.25FreeFreeBuy Now
.mobi$27.75$27.75$27.75FreeFreeBuy Now
.global$83.5$83.5$83.5FreeFreeBuy Now
.media$38.25$38.25$38.25FreeFreeBuy Now
.link$15.75$15.75$15.75FreeFreeBuy Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Website is a collection of publicly accessible and interlinked web pages. On a simpler note, it is a collection of pages that are accessible in the web through the browsers. Examples of website:,,

To start a website, you need these 3 basic requirement: your content, a domain, and hosting provider. Your content will be uploaded to the hosting provider, a location that can be accessed by the internet. The domain is the name for that location.

Domain name is the address of your website that people will type in the browser URL when visiting your site. It serves as the address name of your website’s location.

Without a domain name, the address of your website is numeric. Your site will be accessed with the IP address. It looks like this: To make the website’s address easier to remember and access, the domain name is needed.

There are a lot of domain extensions available, .com, .edu, .org, .ph, to name a few. The most commonly used is .com which is originally intended for commercial use. .org is for organizations, .edu for education purposes, and etc. There are also country-based extensions such as .ph for Philippines, .no for Norway, or .uk for Unite Kingdom. Understand what your website is about before deciding what extension to use. For example, if your website is for blogging, business, or online selling, use .com.

If you have your site ready and domain, you should now look for a hosting provider. The hosting provider will upload your site to a certain server so that your website will become accessible to the internet.

Yes. Go to, make an order on our Domain Registration, enter your existing domain and click transfer. You will be required to provide an EPP code from your current registar. Ask your provider for this code.