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We provide web hosting solutions using CLOUD – the latest technology which ensures speed, reliability, and security.

Our Principles

Ensuring Reliability

We have chosen the world’s reputable top cloud providers to create a reliable and scalable web hosting which let us provide zero-compromise services. We don’t work on aging hardware as the cloud always gets updated almost without any interruption.

Our failover setup is always ready to catch possible issues as our redundancy within the cloud will keep our services up. If this isn’t enough, we always have twice-daily offshore backups that we can rollback on demand.

Secured Inside and Out

We believe in the principle that everything must be always secured by default. Thus, we provide the leading web application firewall Imunify 360 for free. This application will protect your website from malicious attacks like SQL injections, CSRF, and XSS attacks. Also, Imunify 360 will scan your files for any possible malware or backdoors on your website.

Additionally, we give unlimited free Secured Socket Layer(SSL) certificates for your websites, ensuring privacy and encryption of any credentials or personal data during visits on your website.

Our services include two-factor authentication options that will help to prevent unauthorized access to your account.

Optimizing your Craft

All of our infrastructures are running in Solid State Drives (SSDs), which ensures the highest IOPS we can provide. This will decrease the time to first byte (TTFB) when your website is being accessed and will increase your website’s score on PageSpeed test.

Moreover, we are always updated with the latest stable PHP version providing fast execution time on your PHP websites.

We also use AnyCast DNS that speeds up your resolutions. This will ensure that when you change any DNS records, it will propagate around the world in less than 5 minutes.

Our Experience

5+ Years of Web Hosting

Five years ago, we started as an enthusiast putting our every idea on a website. As our friends and acquaintances wanted to do the same, we supported them through sharing our web hosting. Till we realize, we want to know how to set up a web hosting on our own.

We had learned a lot from our mistakes. Also, we had discovered that we can do a lot by using the cloud for web hosting. We started Netorica to become the first Filipino Full Cloud Oriented Web hosting that provides more affordable cloud web hosting solutions than other providers.

We love Linux!

Linux is the open-source software foundation of every 90% of web hosting servers. Thus, we have solid experience and mastery of this awesome operating system which is known to be stable, secure, and reliable. We have also proved ourselves to be competitive in using Linux by passing certifications with flying colors.

Technologies and Partners

Our Business Details

Netorica Website Hosting Services

Sitio Pag-Ibig, Brgy. Pagsawitan, Sta. Cruz Laguna, Philippines. 4009